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Dr. Fred Himmelstein


Dr. Fred Himmelstein is a native of Philadelphia, and a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician. He currently resides in Chester County where he served 2 terms as President of the Chester County Medical Society. He has practiced Aesthetic Medicine for more than 10 years. Dr. Himmelstein has spent many years in Emergency Medicine assessing and repairing facial wounds, and takes great pride in the excellent cosmetic results he consistently achieves using his precise suturing techniques.


Over the years, he completed programs by Aesthetic Advancements, Aesthetic Health Dimensions and The Institute for Medical Education. Dr Himmelstein is a certified Botox injector, and a member of Allergan Pharmaceuticals’ Gold network.


Dr. Himmelstein is also an amateur sculptor, having studied for years under the tutelage of accomplished French sculptor, Philippe Faraut. His sculpting has contributed greatly to his Aesthetic Medicine practice. He employs his keen artistic sense and strong knowledge of the face to provide the best outcomes to his aesthetic patients, and he regularly receives glowing accolades from his patients. Dr Himmelstein believes you need the eyes of an artist and the skills of a physician to enhance beauty in a natural way.

Natalie Rose Traboscia grew up watching her mother, a trained cosmetologist, doing hair and makeup. Mesmerized at her mother's ability to make women not only look beautiful, but also feel  beautiful, she went to Venus Beauty Academy to develop her skills as an esthetician. Fascinated by the art and beauty of medical cosmetic procedures, Natalie sought to offer a wider range of services to her clients, so she pursued a degree in nursing. Natalie earned her nursing degree in 2008. She was a practicing ER nurse for thirteen years prior to opening Natalie Rose Beauty. 

Over the years, Natalie has invested in her passion to combine her experience in both the medical and beauty fields, to become certified in numerous cosmetic application procedures. 

​Natalie is known for her beautifying injections. “She is an artist when it comes to lips,” says one of her clients. But in general, she sees her specialty as making people feel better about themselves. “It is so amazing to see my clients’ faces when they look in the mirror after a treatment,” said Traboscia, “When years disappear, their confidence skyrockets immediately. What could be more gratifying?”

Natalie Rose Traboscia, RN




Gina is a highly trained Aesthetician and Makeup Artist. Her love for all things beauty started at a very early age. Having grown up in a salon environment, Gina diligently observed family members in the cosmetic field. It was there that she fell in love with the ever changing trade. Gina attended the Esthetics program at Venus Beauty Academy, and she has been working in the industry for 10 years. Gina is committed to enhancing the natural beauty of all her clients! Whether that be in a makeup application or a result based aesthetic treatment, the happiness it brings the clients is the most rewarding aspect of her profession. She strongly believes in advancing her education through classes and training to ensure that her clients are getting the latest and greatest in products and services. Currently, her favorite treatment at NRB is Vivace! In her spare time, Gina loves spending time with her husband and 3 year old son at their family’s mountain home in Northwestern PA.



My name is Kelly, I am a certified esthetician and makeup artist. I’ve loved everything beauty for as long as I can remember. After high school I attended Venus beauty Academy & have been working in the beauty industry for 7 years. I love making my clients feel beautiful & I am always furthering my education and keeping up with the latest trends to make sure my clients are getting the best in services.



Lauren attended Jean Madeline Aveda Institute where she studied to become a licensed cosmetologist. After years of working as a hairstylist, her passion for the beauty industry expanded into medical aesthetics where she received certifications in treatments such as Laser Hair Removal and Eye Lash Extensions. Being a Medical Aesthetician is a dream job for Lauren because she loves being able to combine the beauty industry with helping people. She says, “When a client is having a problem with their skin it is such a good feeling knowing I can help them. Seeing their reaction to a successful treatment makes me enjoy my work that much more! Even something as simple as adding fuller or longer eyelash extensions can be a game changer and confidence boost for some people. It feels awesome knowing I can help in that way.” In her free time Lauren has two Labradors that she loves to take on hikes or to the park. She loves to cook and host parties but also likes a good Netflix couch day!



Maria Kim is not your average nail tech, but is an artist. She takes her creativity to the next level when it comes to nail designs because she believes that nails are a form of expression. She enjoys connecting with every single client that comes see her because she loves it when they leave happy and wanting to come back not only for her work, but they also enjoy her company. She’s all about keeping up with the latest nail trends and her nail shaping is always on point and even. Maria has been in the nail care business since she was 16 years old, helping various family members build up their business. Not only is she a nail tech and esthetician, but she has a bachelor’s degree in health science, and is still continuing her college education to become a physician’s assistant in the near future. On her days off, she likes to spend time with her family, friends, and dogs. You can always find her sketching and/or painting on various canvases because she finds it relaxing.


Referred to as the next "nail 'it' girl" by Nailpro Magazine, Rose Velez-Miggins is a celebrity nail artist and educator on a mission to "Build an empire one 'nail' at a time!" She was featured on the cover of Nailpro Essentials as "a leader, a self-starter" and "hard-working, inspirational, humble, and someone that embodies the future of the nail industry." Her work has also been on red carpets around the world as well as being published in various media outlets such as Vogue, Allure, Refinery29, Shape, Nailpro Magazine, Nail It!, Essentials by Nailpro, NAILS Magazine, GLOSS Magazine, American Dreaming Magazine, Modern Salon, and more. Rose primarily works behind the scenes at Natalie Rose Beauty, but from time to time will be available for appointments!